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The Clearinghouse is an interactive collection of CLAC-related peer-reviewed materials curated by CARLA and the Consortium for Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum.

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  • German Business CLAC

    The explicit goal for this course – helping students apply their German language learning to practical tasks in business situations – has an implicit goal as well: to help students reflect on Germany's role in Europe as a member of the EU. This involves history, economics, marketing, psychology, and a variety of contemporary social issues, with multiple tie-ins to non-German courses in the students' college curriculum.

  • Student Self-Assessment -- Reading Proficiency

    This document is intended for students to assess their skills in reading of any target language.  Students in classrooms outside of language departments don't often think, and too often aren't encouraged, to use their non-English languages skills to help them better undersstand course content.  Faculty who incorporate this self-assessment and determine a specific use for it will be able to offer students meaningful opportunities to incroporate their foreign languages skills, and thus bringing international perspectives, into any course.

  • French LAC course syllabus

    This is a syllabus outlining the requirements for a one-credit French CLAC course at Skidmore. The course meets once a week, and is graded S/U (Pass or Fail). Students search for and report on articles in French that treat material for a full course (taught in English). While they meet as a group to discuss their readings in French, the courses which their reading supplements can vary with each individual. We might have 8 students connecting their readings to up to 8 specific courses.

  • DILS Portuguese for Music Majors

    These materials include a general syllabus for Portuguese Directed Independent Language Study (DILS), a proposed weekly schedule of study for a Portuguese beginner, the DILS handbook and overview, the self-assessment rubric, and supplemental materials specifically for music majors studying Portuguese. As this is an independent, student-driven course, the learning goals and schedule will vary with each student. The student develops a learning plan and completes weekly self-assessments, and the student is held accountable to that plan as part of the grade. 

  • Internationalizing Research: Google & Beyond

    This exercise is intended to bring students' attention to the limits they articifically place on their research by limiting their search options, while at the same time it encourages them to find resources in languages other than English.   Its goal is to have students internationalize their Google searches and to begin to think about the many and multi-lingual resources available to them via the internet and via our University Library subscriptions.